With Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Email Marketing your customers will not face any roadblocks towards reaching your website.  

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Search Engine Optimization involves developing good practices, making it easier and faster for your business to be displayed on all Search Engine Results Pages.

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We help you reach your customers in your own unique way with our use of awesome graphics, testimonials, real life footage, creative scripting, and live animation!

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We use advanced analytics to gain deeper insights on how to reach your customers; creating tailored keyword campaigns that focus on your company objectives and target audience.

What are Digital Services?

“Any content that is delivered using the internet is considered a Digital Service”.

At Half and Half we provide professional Digital Services to increase online visibility, create brand awareness, and acquire qualified leads for your company. If you have ever been to a play you have seen beautiful sets, seamless lighting, and amazing effects, and excellent that all work in conjunction with each other. Our team of creatives operates this same way!  

We take care of every segment of your digital needs; from Website Design and Development, Social Media marketing, and Search Engine optimization to Video Marketing, Email Marketing Campaigns and Strategy & Analysis Consulting. 

Our attention spans have shortened; therefore the importance of getting in front of your target customers as quick as possible is key.  The closer your website and presence is to the top of page 1, the more likely you are to get the business; as opposed to you competition, and start seeing major results.

When it comes to consulting we analyze your company data, performance, and offer strategy options; enabling you to have a clear vision of what your business needs to propel to the next level of exposure.

We work with you to get your advertising done right and easy!
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(PPC) Pay-Per-Click Advertising Plans

Your customer clicks; you pay! Achieve predictable growth with Pay Per Click Advertising. 


By engaging in PPC Advertising you reach your target audience, create brand awareness, and receive new customers in a timely, consistent manner.

By linking Analytics, Pixel and other metrics to your website we are able to generate reports based on customer activity; outlining which words customers use to search you.  These words are used to build advanced campaigns.

Through the Management of these ads our team is able to generate quality customers and  constantly adapt to their needs.

We include with our plans:

SMALL Décaféiné

2 Social Media Platforms***

1 Ad Management (SEM / SMM)

Google MyBusiness Postings***

For PPC budget up to $2,500

Marketing Plan Review

Ai Monitoring Analytics and Reports

​SEO post optimization

Keyword research

​Hashtag strategy

Up to 2 Social Media posts / week

​Community engagement

Social Media Inbox monitoring

*Instagram / Facebook stories

MEDIUM Café au lait
15% Commission

3 Social Media Platforms***

1 Ad Management (SEM / SMM)

1 Youtube Ad

Google MyBusiness Postings***

For PPC budget from $2,500 up to $15,000

all the 

SMALL Décaféiné


Up to 3 Social Media posts / week

**Event coverage

1 Consulting meeting


Cafe Noir
30% Commission

5 Social Media Platforms***

2 Ad Management (SEM / SMM)

1 Youtube Ad

Google MyBusiness Postings***

For PPC budget from $15,000 and up

all the 

MEDIUM Café au lait


Up to 5 Social Media posts / week

  • Each Profile setup is subject to an additional charge of $75 plus HST.

  • Commission based on the PPC Budget.

  • Charges are applied up front.

* Stories are subject to the material supplied by the client.

**We will attend 1 of your company’s events a month to help promote your business through live postings and Instagram / Facebook Stories (within a distance of 50Km of distance from London, ON).

***All Social Media and Google MyBusiness posts are to support the advertising campaign only. Additional costs might apply for content creation required to complete your advertising (see our "shots of EXPRESSO")

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Google My Business Setup and Management

  • $500 Google My Business Setup fee + Google Website setup fee (optional)*

  • $275 Monthly Google My Business Management Plan

*Domain not included.




Marvin Rivas

Che Restobar


I have been working with Half & Half Social Media pretty much since I open the restaurant, they have been amazing.


Chelsea Jackson

BPM Fitness & Yoga


Co-owner / Operator

Paula and Federico are so talented and creative. They understand the ideas in our minds and helped us to convert those ideas into our branding. They’re professionals to the utmost and we enjoyed the entire process. They made it fun, they are easy to work with and they understand the “how to’s” of social media, branding and marketing. Ever grateful for their awesome work!


Teresa Edwards

Bronwood Dental Office

Office Manager

I cannot have enough good comments about Half & Half. They are incredibly professional and creative. I would recommend their services to everyone who wants to promote business in social media.

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FAQ About Digital Media

Okay, we are getting into deep sh...t!. Digital Media in it's very essence is related to any Media that is going to be displayed Digitally, but sometimes it can get confusing when talking about Digital Media vs. Traditional Media. So let's clarify the differences and how they translate to your business. 

What is Digital Media?

Digital Media refers to any type of content:


  • 1. Online Streaming Video

  • 2. Still, Animated, and Video Ads

  • 3. Listing Profiles

  • 4. Pictures

  • 5. etc.


Any content displayed on:


  • Websites 

  • Video Games

  • Video Streaming Platforms (yes, like YouTube or Vimeo)

  • Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.)


You get the picture right!... anything you can visualize on a computer, mobile device, or even on your PlayStation, to name a few.

Digital Media vs. Traditional Media

Now that you understand a bit more about Digital Media, let's get even "more confused" and let's talk about Traditional Media (just to have fun), Traditional Media refers to what we used to use before the "Digital Time":


  • Radio

  • News Papers

  • Television

  • Printing

  • Billboards

  • etc.

Yes we know, you can listen to Radio online, watch TV on your iPhones, and even read the News Paper on a Digital version now a days, but these are still considered Traditional Media... it still sounds confusing, we know! 

What are the Benefits of  Digital Media for your Business?

This is where everything gets exciting, at least for us!... With globalized marketplaces, with international shipping options and numerous online stores in one place, like we find on Amazon, the "new kid on the block" talking about Google MyBusiness listing, that connects your business directly to Google Maps, Google Ads, and Google Search Engine, it's very important to "stay alive" on the "Digital World".


Having your website and feeding it with new content (Ex: Blog, Articles, Videos, etc.), engaging your audience on Social Media, working on your site's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan, Advertising on the Search Engines (SEM) and Social Media Platforms (SMM), uploading video content to your YouTube Channel, anything you can do to bring your community together, connected on a "Digital World" is a MUST. Your business needs to be up to date on all these practices to be found where it needs to be and reach new potential clients.

Let's dig deeper on all these terminologies and see how they translate to your business:

Is Social Media Important for your Business?

While some argue Social Media is not that important for your business, we say it depends on your marketing plan and the time you can actually spend on this. Take a look at these numbers before you think about it: 


  • Facebook has 2.45 billion monthly active users

  • Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users

  • Twitter has 126 million daily users

  • LinkedIn has 260 million monthly active users

And this is mentioning just a few of them, Do we need to say more?


These are giant networks of people and businesses waiting for content. Yes, the stats that show that conversion rates are not the same as with Google and we know it, but it does mean that you have a HUGE network of people to engage with, feed them with content, show them who you are and increase your Brand Awareness, with the right Social Media Marketing Plan, you can bring them to your website and convert them to sales.

What is Social Media Marketing or SMM?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is as simple as Paid Advertising for Social Media, just like with Google Ads, you can create ads to be displayed on the Social Media Platform you choose, like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and yes, even LinkedIn and Waze are offering Advertising now. 

A big difference from SMM vs. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is that you have more options to target the audience you wanna go for, with Facebook for example, you can target people by hobbies, mobile brand, profession, interests, etc. This is called Facebook Targeting or Facebook Audience.

But there is another powerful process you can use to bring back your website visitors to a Landing Page or back to your website from Social Media. By connecting your Facebook Pixel to your Website, Facebook will collect all the data needed from your visitors and will let you redirect your Social Media Advertising Campaign to the people that has been already interested on your brand, this is known as Facebook Retargeting.

Of course you can do this from your Google Analytics Dashboard, but this means you'll have to understand the data you see, interpret it and know what steps to take to reach your goals, Facebook Pixel does it for you, automatically. instead of spending time analyzing all this data. We still recommend verifying all the information between platforms so you are sure things are done right. While other Social Media Platforms are implementing ads to their services, Facebook has the most powerful tools to target or re-target your audience from your website after Google Ads.

What is Search Engine Marketing or SEM?

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the process of creating a Paid Search Advertising Campaign for Search Engines (Google, yahoo, Bing, etc.), and since 90% of the searches on internet are done using Google, when you talk about SEM it seems to be just logic to have an immediate relation to Google Ads.

Google offers so many tools to improve your Marketing Plan and SEO (Google Tag Manager, Google Keyword Planner, Google Data Studio, Google Maps, Google My Business, etc.) it makes a lot of sense to focus your Search Engine Marketing efforts on Google.

There are different ways you can set up and measure your Paid Ads, the must common ones are:

  • CPC (Cost Per Click) 

  • CPM (Cost Per Million Impressions) 

  • CTR (Click Through Rate)

Google will consider two factors when posting your ad out there, your content relevance and your budget. 

Content Relevance means having the right content, easy to understand. Google will determine if it provides the right information to the audience you select and therefore it will display it accordingly.

On the other hand, budget also affects your results, the higher your bid the higher the chance your ad will show up. But wait a second, Google algorithm tries to "play fair" for everyone, so no matter your budget, if your content is not relevant the chances for your ad to work will decrease, so really really pay attention to your content.

To explain it better, take a look at this example:

You place a bid of $10 PPC with an upstanding content. Google would give your content a score from 1 to 10, let's say 10 in this case and your budget would get a score of let's say 3. 


Your competitor has a bigger budget placing a bid of $100 PPC, but they are not really paying attention to their content, so Google would give them a score of 1 for content and 10 for their budget. So it'd look like this:


You:                          3 x 10= 30

Your competitor:    10 x 1= 10 

As you can see, your ad would have more relevance to Google even though your budget is not as you wish it could be, but what this means is that, and we insist on it, "Content is Key".

Wait a minute! did we mentioned SEO? yes, we did...

So what is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the compilation of good practices on your Website or Social Media so the Search Engines we mentioned before can find your business easier and faster in order to display it on the Search Engine Result Page or SERP. 

The way it actually works is that each Search Engine utilizes an algorithm, a code to determinate if your site has the right keys to be positioned on the query. The better SEO plan you develop and follow for your website or Social Media profile, the better positioning or ranking your site will get on the query, and therefore it will show up on the results page on the top position. This is called building your site's "reputation".​

SEO practices are not an "easy game". It could actually take months to reflect your work and affect your ranking. The more you do to improve it, the better chance it would take less time to see the results.

Those good practices we mentioned may include the following:

  1. Words, Google will look for your keywords, Alt Text (on your images), your page title, your meta title, meta description and some other elements that connect your page's information all together.

  2. External Links, these are links to your website coming from other relevant and trustful pages like Listings, Social Media, and other service platforms like Uber, TripAdvisor, etc.

  3. Creating content (photos, videos, blogging, articles, etc.) constantly, will help build your reputation on Google as we already explain.

Improve your local ranking on Google

Local Ranking = Google My Business


Besides working on your SEO plan, Improving your "local ranking" on Google (Search results for your Google My Business) is not as difficult task, just like the SEO plan it will help your website rank better on the search results, working on your listing plan will help your business rank better for Maps and Google Search results, in other words your "local ranking".

Google My Business helps you Manage a company’s online presence


  • Business’ profile

  • Services

  • Products

  • Customer interaction

  • Increase online presence

  • Create / Manage ads

  • Reviews

It's very important to understand that "Content is key", Google loves fresh content, so keep posting new content, uploading photos, getting and responding your reviews and keeping a constant information across platforms are just some of the tasks you have to complete for your listing.


See more details here:

We can Help you and guide you to get your business up there, so you can do what you know to do, run your business.


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