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London Karate Club on #halfandhalfonthego

We practice Karate at the London Karate Club here in London, ON. This is a Local business owned by Sensei Richard Fall, a successful entrepreneur and a great example of commitment, love, discipline and passion for what he does. All the qualities we entrepreneurs need to have in order to be where we want to be.

We are proud to be part of the Meibukan Family and we wanted to share with everyone why we think it is important to learn Karate and what it can bring to your life.

Thank you @richard.fall and @meibukanyagidojo for letting us share this with everyone.

Learn more about these amazing organizations at https://londonkarateclub.com/ and https://www.meibukanyagidojo.com/

“Karate teaches you inner strength, it teaches you who you are.” -Sensei Fall

Let’s continue with London Karate Club at #halfandhalfcollab

Let’s hear more about Okinawan Karate and what it’s culture means to those who practice it.

“Okinawan Karate is a feeling of family, of unity, of being part of something bigger than yourself”

- Sensei Fall -

London karate club

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